Road Smoothing will be done to improve smoothness of the road. An accurate profile of the road taken before and after road smoothing will be submitted to the owner.

Contractor will provide all necessary materials to complete road smoothing. No extra pay will be provided for materials used.

Equipment used for road smoothing will be submitted by the contractor and approved prior to bidding. Equipment shall be designed for the express purpose of road smoothing. It shall have incorporated a physical block to keep the depth of cut to a maximum of ¼ inch at all times. Cutting head shall be held on a beam with a length of at least 20 feet to provide natural smoothing effect. All wheels holding the said beam shall be immediately cleaned of debris created by the smoothing action to insure accurate leveling.
The Road Smoother shall be a self-contained machine specifically designed to quickly and accurately smooth roads.
The Smoother shall have separate averaging arms, one on the outer side of each drum edge. Neither side shall have a negative (or any influence at all) influence on the opposite side. Each averaging arm shall have natural averaging features: A minimum of four front independent wheels, each set of two wheels shall average and the two groups of two wheels shall also average the true height of the road.
The minimum total length of the averaging arms shall be 10 meters.
The smoother shall not leave a vertical edge on either side of the ground area when grinding up to 6 mm.
The pattern of the ground area shall be such as to reduce microtexture and tire hop, (.5 meter to 2 meter irregularities) while increasing macrotexture (.5 to 3 mm texture) increasing skid resistance retaining the ability to reducing tire air entrapment thus decreasing pavement tire noise.
The texture pattern created by the Road Smoother shall have a uniform appearance. The teeth used shall be diamond tipped to maintain a uniform texture on the road.
The Road Smoother shall have the capability to read common profilograph data and be able to cut “must grinds” and other road irregularities automatically.

Road smoothing will be accomplished to reduce the International Roughness Index (IRI) by at least 30%.